The production system ensures competent work planning, development and observation of technology, prompt fulfillment of production tasks and control of results, as well as improvement of ways of work performance.

Production system functions

Thus, we can distinguish 4 main functions of the production system:

In lean manufacturing, operational management is subject to 5 principles:

  1. Understand the value you create through your work for the client;
  2. Think of value creation for the customer as a flow of processes and information;
  3. Make the flow continuous and strictly adhere to this principle;
  4. Use the pulling method of production;
  5. Improve the way you work and all the basic functions of operational management.

These general principles are universal and immutable, they define the requirements of effective Lean management.

A good production system manages the flow of value creation to customers, ensuring that the strategic goal is achieved, that it is flexible and resilient to external changes, and that it improves actions in regular management.

The goals and objectives of operations management are to support and control functions 2, 3 and 4 of the production system. Line management needs to create and maintain a production culture in which all of the above is accomplished. The purpose of our work is to help you do this.

What are we doing?

1. Creating a control system framework

We will help you standardize operating procedures and operating environment to ensure reproducible quality output. The goal of standardization is to reduce defects, eliminate wasted time and resources, and ensure compliance with technology.

2. Develop procedures for daily management

We will form a set of regular activities that allows you to monitor the achievement of the goals of senior management in the operational mode, prompt setting of goals and solving problems in production, provide management of the flow of value creation.

Teaching how to improve the flow of value creation

Teach line management techniques and tools for continuous improvement. They will be able to transfer this knowledge to their subordinates, so that each employee at his workplace could not only do everyday work easier, faster, better quality and cheaper, but also participate in the management of production.

What's the result?

With our help, you get a solid foundation and all the necessary knowledge to create and manage your own unique production system. That doesn’t mean you’ll get it during our time together. This means that you will take the first, most difficult steps, know and know enough to move forward on your own and manage your production effectively.

Also, you can take advantage of our Lean Manufacturing Program and get our methodological support during the transformation period.

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