Staff training in Lean Production
We train staff of organizations to eliminate losses and defects in production, optimize and improve processes and methods of daily work. Learn about our events and check out the training products available.
Consulting in Lean Manufacturing
The coherence and manageability of processes determines the competitive superiority of the system of production of goods and services. We help organizations create flexible and sustainable production systems.
Start with an audit of the production system!
Conduct an audit of the production system to understand how effective and coordinated material and information flows in your production.
Transform the vision into an operational strategy!
We'll help you create a roadmap for transformation. In this case, each structural unit of your organization, will have clear objectives, consistent with the strategic objective.
Build a transparent management system!
We will help to optimize daily work routines and standardize best work practices; create an effective management system with clear KPIs. Employees' understanding of their role in achieving the strategic goal creates motivation.
Get to know our transformation program!
A systematic approach to transformational change helps you realize the potential of your business and make the best use of internal resources!
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Planning and implementation of LEAN transformation projects


Building an effective production system and solving operational management problems begins not in high offices, but at the production site. We will conduct an audit of the production system, together we will develop an operational strategy and a plan for its implementation, we will help you create a superior business based on the principles of lean manufacturing.

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Lean manufacturing requires not only excellent professional qualifications. The ability to improve processes and train others to do so is something everyone on your team will need for a successful transformation. We will train key employees in everything they need to create a sustainable and efficient production system.

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Staff training in the use of lean production tools

Just starting your journey to lean manufacturing and don't know where to start? Try our step-by-step tutorial course...

5C: Visual Production Management System

The course contains everything you need to get you off to a good start. Video lectures and detailed instructions as well as much more to get your jobsite in order and pave the way for production process optimization. 5C is a prerequisite for a flexible and efficient production system.

Try it and take the first steps yourself!

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A deep understanding of transformation is the way to sustainable change!

Organizational leaders often find that LEAN tools alone cannot lead to the desired result. Successful transformation depends not only on knowing WHAT and HOW to do it, but also on understanding WHY and under what conditions it is effective. World renowned workshop DISCOVER EXCELLENCE from Shingo Institute provides systematic understanding of transformation using Shingo Model now available in Ukraine!

As of 2019, we are an affiliated provider of Shingo Institute training programs.

Management System
CDI Connect

Since 2020, we have partnered with CDI Holdings Limited and offer its unique approach to transformation, proven by 20 years of experience in 75 countries at 5,000 production facilities available to our customers! We can help you create an organization where operational excellence, continuous improvement and true leadership complement each other in harmony!

Получите программу Lean трансформации!

Вы узнаете о необходимых изменениях в операционной деятельности и культуре организации на пути к Бережливому производству. После заполнения Вы получите PDF файл программы на указанный E-Mail.