True North

True North

The pursuit of excellence is an idea expressed as a long-term goal. The goal is the true north on your compass, determining the proper direction of the efforts of all who go toward it with you in the company. When starting a transformation, leaders of organizations need a good purpose-a vision of a better future that can unite and empower for change. In our opinion, excelling in quality and performance and being socially relevant is a good goal for business development. But the goal will remain only a dream if there is no strategy to achieve it.

What is a strategy and what is not a strategy?

Operational strategy needs a long-term plan (roadmap) to achieve the goal, taking into account the availability of resources. A strategy must cover all structural units of the organization and define their interrelated local goals (operational objectives). The fulfilment of local tasks by units then leads to the achievement of the overall goal of the organization. The decomposition of a strategic goal into local tasks with defined roles for performers and defined performance indicators (KPIs) is called a Policy Deployment (Policy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri). In order to better assess existing capabilities and identify priority areas for development, we strongly recommend performing a production system audit.

Cascading the organization's policies into a system of goals

A company’s operating strategy is not to declare goals without considering capabilities and stating exactly what needs to be accomplished at your facility, by whom, and in what time frame. When performers interpret local tasks independently of each other, there is a high probability that their actions will not lead to the achievement of the strategic goal. Consequently, simply stating the goal, more often than not, leads to a lack of understanding of what exactly everyone needs to do to achieve it, why it is important and how it affects the overall result. Without a strategic map, it’s very difficult to get the support of the whole company.

What are we doing?

We will help you develop a strategy to achieve the goals and deploy it in a system of goals at all levels of the organizational vertical. Your strategic vision will have the following characteristics:

  • The strategic goal and the means to achieve it are clear;
  • The current state of the production system is taken into account and development priorities are identified;
  • Functional support ensures the implementation of the firm’s operational strategy.
  • Each production area has formulated its own local tasks;
  • Local objectives are interconnected in such a way that their achievement will lead to the achievement of the organization’s goal;
  • The linked local goals form a map of the goal tree.

The result of our work

You will get a strategy for the development of your organization, unfolding into local goals, which will allow each performer to understand what management expects of him and what he needs to do for it. Such a strategic plan, based on reality, has a high probability of being accepted and not meet the resistance of employees. Both of these factors will maximize staff involvement and focus on operational management

. That is, to move to the tactical actions of implementing the strategy – the creation of a sustainable and flexible production system. Operational strategy is an integral part of modern production management.

Strategy development is part of a comprehensive service for creating lean manufacturing at a modern enterprise.

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