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We help our clients reach new heights in business by transforming their organization: developing a leadership culture and improving processes. The goal of all transformations that make a business grow is to use four rules: simpler, faster, better and cheaper. By following them, you can significantly improve the operational performance and efficiency of production management. An excellent financial result will be a natural consequence of the transformation of your business.


Assessing the maturity of the production system

We will audit the quality of processes and management. This will be the starting point, the baseline state against which we will determine the necessary operational changes and priority actions to achieve tangible results in the near future.

Developing an operational strategy

Create a transformation roadmap that your organization, and every business unit in the value stream, will use to develop clear goals and a strategy to achieve them. This step is called Policy Deployment.

Setting up a management model

Teach management tactics to implement a strategy to create a cohesive production system in which processes and operations are standardized, task completion is controlled by daily management procedures, and personnel have the tools to eliminate waste and continually improve. It can be argued that at this stage an operational model of production management will be formed, institutions of true leadership and autonomous teams will be created.

Creating lean production

Our transformation program will help bring material and information flows in line with the five principles of Lean Manufacturing.


In helping organizations transform their operating model and culture, we take into account the current state and peculiarities of operational management. Clients receive a clear algorithm of actions that triggers and supports the necessary changes in the organization. By choosing BPI Group consulting services you can count on confidential and trustworthy relationships, openness and punctuality of our experts, proven methods and effective solutions.

In the practice of business consulting services we use:

6 Sigma, TQM

Six Sigma and Total Quality Management
To reduce the number of errors and defects by reducing process variability and stabilizing quality indicators.

Shingo Model, Hoshin Kanri

The Shingo and Hoshin Kanri Model (Deploying Policies)
To build a culture where leaders translate strategy into tactical objectives to improve operations at all levels of the organization.

Lean Manufacturing, TPM

Lean Production and Integrated Production Services
To manage production flow, reduce losses and increase value, rational use of effort and resources.

Problem Solving Theory (RCA)

Problem-Solving Tools for Focused Improvements
To break down complex problems into simple parts and find the root causes for them in order to focus process improvements.

Everything we know how to do, we are ready to teach. We created our own training programs to do this.


We are sure that business organizations in Ukraine need high-quality consulting and expertise based on the best world practices. We expect that the successes of those whom we help will add up to an integral indicator – an increase in the economic potential of Ukraine and the standard of living in general. Our mission is to improve the quality and effectiveness of business and its social significance.

Our consultants have extensive practical experience, among our clients are well-known Ukrainian companies, and some of us provide services to improve business on a long-term basis.

We strive to disseminate global best practices in Ukraine. Advanced knowledge must be accessible, and it is better to be convinced of the effectiveness of techniques with your own eyes. That’s why we created a public knowledge-sharing platform in 2016. LeanForum . Since then, international conferences held annually LeanForum became known throughout Ukraine and far beyond. And business tours to the production of exemplary companies visited more than a thousand participants. For many, they were the impetus to reach new heights in the management of the company.

LeanForum' 2018 Conference


Our clients ...

Many companies that have achieved tangible operational improvements have started transformational changes with us, using our consulting or training their staff in our programs. We have long-term relationships with many and are happy to help our clients make their business better. We are interested in satisfied customers and we are inspired by ambitious projects. Our calling is to help transform businesses into excellent businesses.


... And our partners

Unlike failure, success always has many authors. We are grateful to our partners for their expertise and support, mutual exchange of knowledge and practices valuable to our clients.

We are proud to be the first in the former Soviet Union to become an affiliated representative of Shingo Institute (USA), making their developments and experience available to Ukrainian business. The goal of our collaboration is to establish a national award in Operational Excellence, using the evaluation criteria of the world-renowned Shingo Prize.

A partnership with Competitive Dynamics International (South Africa) have provided our clients with an effective methodology for creating management systems with a focus on focused improvement, working in autonomous teams, and the quality of their communications to create a highly productive culture with engaged employees. 20 years of experience and the success of CDI projects in more than 75 countries make her expertise unique.

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