Staff training

for peak performance and
sustainable business improvements

BPI Group corporate programs and trainings

We are convinced that sustainable transformational change involved with lean manufacturing requires skilled employees and a true commitment from senior management. Therefore, education and training is an important part of our business.

Development of staff training and skills for operational improvements in business

An important function of management in a company is to engage its staff and develop the skills necessary to optimize the business processes involved in Lean production. This has an effect on line management and staff who have to develop their own effective mechanisms to manage and improve results. For these purposes, we offer corporate training programs to help plan the development needed to ensure business growth.

Training in managerial competencies will help managers build relationships with staff based on trust and teamwork, and increase employee engagement. Our staff training will expand their professional skills which will improve daily operations and processes by providing knowledge and practice in the use of Lean tools. If your company does not have Lean experts, we can help you create a team of professionals who can develop training programs for line staff.

Consulting and training at BPI Group

The BPI Group Academy has assembled a team of experienced experts to help stabilize quality, improve the efficiency of production processes, increase productivity and overall business performance. Our team of experts will help you master the Lean tools and skills you need, using advanced hands-on training methods. Thanks to our partnership with the Shingo Institute (USA), we offer unique training programs to build a productive corporate culture, aimed at senior management and top executives. Also, we provide consulting services in the field of Lean and operational efficiency. The following types of business training are available at BPI Group Academy:

  • training – trainees gain theoretical knowledge and experience during practical assignments;
  • workshop – training takes place in the workplace with an emphasis on practical work;
  • Business tour – acquaintance with advanced lean production technologies in real conditions on the territory of exemplary organizations;
  • The conference is a gathering of experts from different industries to communicate and share experiences.


acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical experience


training directly at the production site


Demonstration of lean practices in leading companies


expertise and professionalism, exchange of experience

Educational events are available in the corporate format, at the Academy classrooms in Kiev and remotely (online). Also, we can conduct trainings with departure to the customer all over Ukraine. The duration of the course depends on your goals and can last from a few hours to several months. We can develop customized training programs for executives/working teams, tailored to the industry and internal specifics of your organization.

Our coaches and consultants are professionals ready to help your business become excellent: get the most out of the available resources and correctly plan further development.

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How do we transfer knowledge and experience?

We’ve been training for over 10 years and continue to improve the way we do it. Although many good books have been written about lean manufacturing, practice proves to be an unrivaled teacher.

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Do you want to take your first steps on your own?

Start with the simplest and most effective – put things in order, get rid of everything unnecessary in the work area, create conditions for standardization and further improvements in operations. Use our most accessible 5C training course for beginners with detailed instructions.

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Training at the Shingo Institute is now available in Kiev and throughout Ukraine!

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